normanton street

Normanton Street’s sound is lyrically focused with three distinct vocals, jazz influenced guitars, warm bass grooves and tight rhythmic drums.

Based in Brighton, the four members consist of Ned, Nicholson, Phoebe, and Nico. Ned and Nicholson (both on bass, guitar, and vocals) have been close friends since childhood, and lived on the same street in Bradford where they grew up. Together they grew up making music in various formats and line ups, and would jam at local bars after moving to Brighton, until they stumbled across Phoebe (vocals) one night after a show at The Mesmerist bar. The trio put together a Lauryn Hill cover, but soon realised that their unique chemistry could not be limited to one song. Normanton Street took shape, with Nico completing the puzzle on drums after blowing away the group as a fill in.

Since then, Normanton Street have quickly amassed a loyal following of fans around the world off musical prowess and a lot of hard work. In the last 18 months, they’ve played gigs and festivals across the UK and Europe, including France, Spain, Croatia, Belgium, and Holland, as well as opening for high-profile artists like the legendary Talib Kweli and Mercury-nominated poet Kate Tempest. Meanwhile, Normanton Street’s success has made them favourites in their home town of Brighton, with support from local radio stations Juice FM, Radio Reverb, and local independent label Tru Thoughts, who have featured their music on shows and podcasts. In 2016, they were selected as The Independent’s ‘New Music of the Week’.

Never ones to wait around for the industry, Normanton Street have achieved all this success in such a short space of time by releasing music on a label started by Ned and Nicholson, QM Records. QM Records has released two Normanton Street EPs, including 2014’s Much Respect, as well as music from the talented poet Tommy Sissons and a compilation album featuring music from 14 different artists based in Brighton. Through QM Records, Ned and Nicholson have put on events in Brighton and London showcasing a number of upcoming talents.

This year, things have taken on an even faster pace. The band released a new single titled ‘Take Time’ as a free download to start off the year, which came off the back of a six-part documentary shot by London-based Boom Productions. Drawing attention from across the pond, they were then selected to perform at SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas, where they received an amazing reception. While in Texas, they also shot a video for their latest single, ‘Angelene’, which was premiered by The Independent on the 8th of June alongside an extended feature on the band, who were selected as the outlet’s New Music of The Week. Both Angelene and Take Time will feature on the band’s next release, a five-track EP titled ‘Life’s Real’, set for release across all platforms on July 15th and available for pre-order on July 1st.

In the run up to the EP’s release, the band have played a huge number of gigs across the country, including a number of summer festivals which started with Brighton’s own Great Escape Festival in May. Normanton Street’s schedule will also see them return to Soundwave in Croatia amongst other overseas shows. Coupled with ever-increasing media interest, it promises to be a busy summer for the band.