Mostly Jazz - Retrospective for Love

Retrospective For Love are a seven-piece band weaving together undeniable, infectious melodies stretching across the stratosphere of hip-hop, soul, and jazz styles, whilst adding a little 21st century electronic mastery into the mix. Bringing a laid back, comfortable cool to the stage, live performances reach out and grab the spirit – with a dynamism and natural ear for dance floor groove sitting beside classic romanticism. Hailing from Sicily, Italy and Paris theirs is a truly international collaboration.

Akin to the sound D’Angelo might make tripping out on the heavy grooves of The Roots whilst intoxicated by Robert Glasper’s experimental spirit, Retrospective For Love take the energy of their influences and move it in new directions. Seemingly innocuous lyrics mask tales of love’s most elating and harrowing extremes, capturing the good times, the bad times and all the confusion in between.

Played out as a symbiotic creative collective of enlightened minds, the tone is always optimistic – forever wedded to pure aural bliss and classic entertainment.

A satisfying new sound for a fresh generation of soul lovers.