Mostly Jazz - Simple Eyyes

Simple Eyyes began in early 2016 as a solo project by multi- instrumentalist Thomas Whitfield. Until this point Thom’s predominant musical output had been from behind the drum-kit in bands including Distophia, Calories and Burning Alms.

For his first personal project Thom chose to tread a whole new path, producing electronic music. Working with acoustic guitars and vocals which were sliced and processed “having control of every element of the song appealed to me”. In a relatively short time Japanese label Lantern asked Thom to produce an album for them. Released in July 2016 City Rivers was the first album from Simple Eyyes.

The same month that City Rivers was due to be released a chance Facebook post regarding a malfunctioning midi keyboard brought Thom back into contact w/Stef Grindley.

They had both met many years ago when Stef was playing Moog with sci-fi garage rockers Copter and had connected over very similar musical tastes. More recently Stef had been playing guitar in noise rock band Health & Efficiency. Over beers they discussed what they had been musically and Thom confessed that while he was excited about releasing his first album, he really wanted to be able to perform live, and not with just a laptop for company.

The two decided to take the sound Thom had defined in City Rivers and develop it by introducing heavy, minimalist bass and noise guitar. After several practices, once they’d finally figured how to plug everything in, Simple Eyyes were offered their first show at the opening night of All Years Leaving Festival. This gave them a three-month window in which to write and rehearse an entirely new set. The show was a success and they quickly followed it up a couple of weeks later opening for Manchester post-punkers Duds.

Through winter 2016/17 Simple Eyyes have been holed up recording setting themselves the goal of trying to release a new track every month through 2017. As spring is beginning to spring the two are preparing to start booking shows and refining their live performance.