Vels Trio

Vels Trio are the result of three experimental jazz musicians born out of collective obsession, emotion and improvisation to sculpt contagiously frenetic compositions.

Channelling ingrained deep grooves, progressive soundscapes and contemporary hip hop productions – Vels Trio synthesise their mutual loves to challenge the psyche of not only the seasoned Jazz lover, but hyperactively engaging audiences with their heavy groove and energetic live sets.

The Trio’s sound represents an amalgamation of different influences, with the extraterrestrial, electrified leanings of prog and jazz-funk anchored by a commitment to a deep back beat. The result: a hip-hop infused reinterpretation of jazz for contemporary audiences that sits next to the L.A. sounds of Robert Glasper, Thundercat and BadBadNotGood with a distinctly UK twist of their own.

Vels Trio have been gathering a lot of heat, playing live shows recently with Cory Henry, Sons of Kemet and at the acclaimed Church of Sound shows that have gained a strong reputation within the London Jazz scene. They will be releasing their debut EP early 2017, and a special split release coming out in January on Wotnot Records covering Madlib’s edit of Steppin’ Into Tomorrow.