Coast To Coast with JP Watson

JP Watson is DJing live at Mostly Jazz Funk & Soul Festival 2019 in Moseley Park, Birmingham with a set dedicated to hip-hop on Friday 12th July!

Who’s better: Nate Dogg or Nas? Tribe or Tupac? Missy or Dre? For more than three decades the argument over hip hop supremacy has focused on the rivalry between the East Coast and West Coast of America. Often turning extremely violent, the feud between the major players from the likes of Puffy’s Bad Boy Records and Suge Knight’s infamous Death Row once threatened to bring the whole industry to a standstill. Until everyone took a step back and remembered the most important thing: the music.

Over the last twenty years JP Watson, founder of independent Birmingham publisher The Pound Project, has explored the beats, lyricism and bass-heavy brilliance of the movement, DJing at the likes of Circo, Medicine Bar, Afro Dizzy, Snobs, The Rainbow, and Magic Door in Birmingham and beyond.

Now, as part of the Mostly Jazz Funk & Soul celebrations, JP will play a set that puts the beef aside and celebrates the brilliance of both coasts, featuring artists from Long Beach to Long Island, from Compton to Carolina, including Snoop Dogg, Wu Tang, Biggie Smalls, NWA, Salt N Peppa and many, many more. From the old school to the new, it is not to be missed.