Ponyland are live at Mostly Jazz Funk & Soul Festival 2019 in Moseley Park, Birmingham on Sunday 14th July!

Saddle up with PONYLAND for a ride into a heady, energetic world of live Afro-beat, Punk Jazz, with a 7-piece ensemble. Expect animalistic behavior, galloping grooves that will make your legs rattle uncontrollably, chaos and raw energy!

PONYLANDs line-up includes Frankie O’keeffe vocals, Jordie Cooke Guitar, Faye McCalman Saxaphone, Geoff Bartholomew Trumpet, John Pope Bass, Adam Stapleford Drums and Dave Mckeague Drums, creating a hypnotic interplay, entrancing the audience into fits of loose-limbedness.

The band sonically aims to be the love child of Sun Ra and Lightning Bolt. Think African polyrhythms, syncopated beats, improvisation with punk scuzz. Their music explores the themes of community, the loss of cultures and changing society and their live performances aim to break down the proverbial fourth wall between them and the audience.