Smoove & Turrell

Smoove & Turrell are live at Mostly Jazz Funk & Soul Festival 2019 in Moseley Park, Birmingham on Saturday 13th July!

The story of SMOOVE & TURRELL began when Smoove was around keyboardist Mike Porter’s house one day. They overheard a neighbour singing sublime melodies in his garage, which turned out to be a young John Turrell. After a couple of further sessions ‘scouting’ him they finally knocked on the door and hit it off straight away.

The first few tracks were received with a rapturous response and their newfound northern soul style demanded that a Smoove & Turrell live band was formed. Their debut album Antique Soul was released in 2009 on Jalapeno Records resulting in fellow soul head Craig Charles becoming their first radio champion. He supported them heavily on ‘The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show’ which was a kick-starter for their assault on national radio.

By the time their second album, Eccentric Audio, was released the band had already been touring far and wide building up a loyal fan base. With two critically acclaimed albums under their belts, word started to spread across the pond to America. KCRW in LA put Hard Work in their coveted Today’s Top Tune slot further exposing the band to west coast tastemakers and the boys becoming unlikely darlings of the US sync business.

By their Broken Toys album their extensive touring and appeal across borders was recognised by BPI as they were awarded Music for Export Growth Scheme funding to assist with an extended touring schedule. Album number four, Crown Posada, infused their northern soul and funk style with early electronica influences, rock, pop, disco and jazz whilst still maintaining the signature S&T sound. The highs and the lows of life are represented and the hard times realism of some of the lyrics is tempered by the irrepressible dancefloor euphoria of others.

Never one to rest for long, the Georgie soul crew return with a stunning fifth album Mount Pleasant. An album which true to their style draws on subject matters which are aimed to make us stop and think, with politically charged songs balanced fittingly with uplifting stompers, guaranteed to get even the most resistant of dancers toe-tapping.