Sofunk ® Dance Fitness is the brand new dance Fitness class created by Sharon Brown Fitness. Bringing together her passion for dance and fitness and her love of Soul, funk and disco music.

With easy to follow choreography under Sharon’s instruction, you’ll be dancing (and singing) along to music that makes you just want to keep moving.

Sharon enjoys getting people up on their feet and keeping them moving, ‘dancing is such a great way to exercise, you’re not even thinking about the fitness side of it as you’re just having so much fun, lots of people out there do not like the idea of traditional forms of exercise, dance fitness is a great way of getting those people moving and having fun, add to it the timeless classic tunes and it’s easy to see why Sofunk is already becoming a popular fitness programme’.

Sharon’s background is in the fitness industry as a qualified Fitness and Exercise To Music instructor and Personal Trainer and has been in the industry for over 10 years.