The Atlantic Players are a 9-piece soul band all the way from Moseley, Birmingham. Regulars across Birmingham’s best live music venues for over 10 years, and thrilled to be back at the Mostly Jazz Funk and Soul Festival in 2022!


They deliver an authentic southern soul sound you would have heard back in 1960’s New Orleans and Memphis. Uncovering tunes deep from within the soul vaults from sensational, often undiscovered artists such as Johnny Adams, Garnet Mimms, Bettye Swann and Mary Jane Hooper.


The Atlantic Players are: Hugh ‘Junior’ Blackwood and Miss Patsy Fuller on vocals, Keith Owen on guitar, Red on bass, Mick Laffoley on drums, Hugh ‘Number 9’ Graham on percussion, Andy Vine on piano and organ, Kate O’Malley on alto/tenor saxophone and flute, and Steve ‘Pretty Boy’ Bates on trumpet.