The Peaceful Ones

The Peaceful Ones is DJing live at Mostly Jazz Funk & Soul Festival 2019 in Moseley Park, Birmingham on Sunday 14th July!

The Peaceful Ones played his first records out sometime in the back end of the 1980’s at the West Indian community centre on the perimeter of Queens park in Bolton. As a kid he started collecting records at the age of 12 and a chance encounter seeing Hawkwind in 1979 sealed a life time of love of all things psychedelic and strange.

After joining the DiY sound system in 1990 as Dj Wooshmelon (a name dreamt up one afternoon whilst trying to hold down a dreary office job) he teamed up with Digs. Sharing a mutual love of funk, disco, hip hop and house music the pair soon cut their turntable teeth in club nights and fields, festivals and free parties, as well as on the their Serve chilled radio show on Nottingham’s pirate station Rave Fm. DJing became a career and a way of life and has been so ever since.