Theo grew up without the influence of a big city like London. Her home is in Long Whittenham; a village outside of Oxford. Neither one of her parents were singers or musicians of any kind but somehow, she was always drawn to singing.

Her dad however used to play songs from The Commitments and Van Morrison which is key to her blue’s felt songs. Lauren Hill and The Fugees are some of her current influences.

From rehearsing Christmas carols for her family in the festive period to lead roles in school productions, Theo has always had a desire to perform.

She learned to speak Irish and French at school, which she claims are a huge part of her and want to perform in both these countries as much as possible.

The biggest influence on Theo’s music was, however, the big move to London at the age of 17, where she studied at BIMM.

Theo was for the first time exposed to all the music genres she didn’t have access to before London. From gospel, jazz, and soul to R&B and grime. She felt she had the freedom to explore it all.

Theo’s first EP “Everyone Starts Somewhere” will have a theme of displacement. Her childhood of growing up in the UK with two Irish parents has left Theo searching for the place she really fits in.